An unruly herd of creative kittens.

meet the team
an unruly
herd of

and A very patient account team.

The only thing we love more than each other are our clients. And the only thing we love more than our clients are our pets.

Dan Zwolak

CEO & Executive Creative Director

Eric Peters

COO & VP, Account services

Carl Faraon

Creative Director

Samantha LaChance

Account Director

Bruce Clayton

CFO & Director of Account Services

Josh Johr

Video Editor

Evan Marshall

Executive Producer & Sr. Project Manager

Biggie Smalls

Motivational Speaker

Andrea Sievers

Account Director


Chairman of the Bored

Hannah Sparks

Creative Manager

Ben Kramp

SR. Designer

Peter Glass

Executive Producer & Business Development

Mike Aperauch

SR. Copywriter

Sam Hardey



HR Department